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As I said in a previous post, I use Twitter for quite a lot for stuff. There aren't that many Twitter-savvy people here in the faculty of health and medical sciences, so I volunteered to live-tweet the Innovations in Dementia Care conference on the faculty's twitter account.

Most conferences these days come with a conference hashtag. It lets you tweet your thoughts about the conference and the content you've experienced, and you can start some interesting dialogues with other attendees. When people are sitting in a talk, they'll have ears for the speaker and their eyes checking the conference hashtag, so it's not like you're shouting into the void - people will read what you've posted, even if they're not following you, if you've used the correct hashtag and your account is public. It's also handy for finding places to eat too! Or places to avoid - I remember one conference in Florida somebody warned everyone to stay away from a particular food joint using the conference hashtag after they came down with food poisoning. Conference hashtags are useful 8D Plus tweeting stops me falling asleep in talks, haha. I've never been much of a one for dark-room lectures - once the lights go down and my brain switches into listening mode it's nighty-night for me. I blame years of being put to sleep with audiobook cassettes playing in the background, thanks, Mum XD

You can read my tweets from the Innovations in Dementia Care conference here:

I used my dSLR camera with its smartphone syncing to post high quality images of the speakers, but you can just as easily use your phone camera (although the lighting in that room was atrocious so I was quite glad of the extra capability of my dSLR). Notice I attribute the speaker and use twitter handles wherever possible. #dementiafriends is an Alzheimer's Society campaign so I made sure to mention that hashtag too. It's quite easy once you get into it, you just need to be very concise about what is being said, which means you really need to listen as well as tweet! You can tweet multiple times during a single talk but it's best to just pick out one or two points that you think would be of particular interest to your followers, as I've done, in order to still have room for the conference hashtag. It's vital that the conference hashtag is included if you want your tweet to be seen by other conference attendees.

If you'd like a bit more info about livetweeting at conferences check out this article:


Don't forget to retweet and like other people's posts when you're browsing the conference hashtag - it gets a great buzz going!

borrowing the link

Date: 2016-12-22 09:48 am (UTC)
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Is it ok if I use your link to the tips for conference tweeting in this thing next time?


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