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Last week, as part of the 23 things for research program, we had to search our own name. This brings up an interesting thing for discussion - I got married last year and changed my last name, but I still publish papers and carry out academic activity in my maiden name. My maiden name is very distinctive. As such it's pretty easy for me to win the Google game:


First 4 hits are my Glasgow Caledonian University profile (they really should delete that, haha), LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Scholar and, a few hits down, RG. And of course, the usual smattering of youtube videos of people playing 'So Long Marianne' (RIP Leonard :() or Marianne's theme from Sense and Sensibility. My Uni of Surrey webpage is basically non-existent because the Marketing team are migrating all the Uni webpages to Drupal and therefore my Rhythmyx profile never synced any of the content I'd typed in. It's going to be like that till well into next year, so there is no point in me relying on the Uni of Surrey webpages for people to find me. I joined Surrey using my married name, but really the only impact of that is people might not find my Surrey webpage on Google. Hardly matters if I'm keeping all my other profiles updated.

If you knew the handle I used online then you'd be able to find out a lot more about me, like all the video games I play, or my sheet music website, but that's the whole point of having these things separate. The idea that my hobbies and my real name should be separate on the internet was something I picked up at a very early age, and mostly stems from the fact that I grew up in the era of message boards/forums and IRC chatrooms. As such, my internet presence based on my real name is pretty sanitised - as it should be. Not everybody discriminates in that way, though - I mean, Mhairi Black :P I've become pretty inured against most of the rubbish posted by people on the internet - scroll on by, or block it from my feed, are my standard responses. The internet is mostly something to laugh at - if you got too involved, you'd just get burned somehow. There are far too many angry people on the internet, and life is too short to waste it reading their rubbish.

Tell you what I'm proud of though - if you google distortions amblyopia, my paper is top of the list, above Ruxandra Sireteanu :D


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